Looking Up
Yes you can do astronomy even from the parking lot of a Starbucks!

Welcome to Coffee and Cosmos! Sharing the Universe, one cup at a time! Coffee & Cosmos is a group of loosely organized volunteers who love two things; Astronomy, and their local favorite coffee shop! On a regular basis we bring out telescopes to the parking lot of our favorite establishments and share the night sky with visitors and passers by for free.

Can you see anything from a parking lot? Of course you can! Typically we schedule around first quarter Moon when a very detailed and up close view of our nearest celestial neighbor is readily available just as the Sun goes down (and even before). The Moon doesn’t care about light pollution! Neither do the planets, and when available we also treat visitors to Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus. Our day star is also featured using safe solar observing equipment for daytime events. Check out our schedule¬†and stop by.