Join the Fun!

Hey, got a telescope? Got a local coffee shop? Let us know! Join the fun! Let’s put you on the calendar.

We don’t collect money, we don’t give money. This is 100% volunteer, and self supporting. Make your own banners, etc. A gracious corporate sponsor (me) will pay for the web site, it’s not a fortune. Please don’t send me money, it just makes things complicated.

Basic rules for affiliate locations…

NO politics. Lobbying for more money for NASA, Science, exploration, etc. acceptable of course. There really should be no agenda beyond opening peoples eyes and exposing them to the wonders of the universe right over their heads. Try to explain why studying the universe actually does help us understand our own problems a little better. Tax money for space research does actually improve our lives… tell that story if you get the chance.

NO Religion if you can help it (alas the idea that the world is flat can easily turn into a religious argument). Sure the Moon appears in every way like it is billions of years old. I’m sure trees in the Garden of Eden looked more than a day old too, but it doesn’t change the nature of how trees are born, grow, and die. Move on.. This is what we see, this is what we can measure… you make the best of that info for yourself. If you want a theological discussion, there are numerous events on Saturday and Sunday mornings around the country for that, some are even also held at Starbucks. ┬á­čśë ┬áRecently, someone told me that Moon was so perfectly round it had to be created because nature cannot make such perfectly round objects. I asked him about soap bubbles… his head exploded for a moment, but he did not change his mind immediately. Talk to people, show them things, explain things, but don’t argue religion. Note, I’m not knocking religion for its own sake… There are so many people of faith who have no trouble embracing both faith and science, but let’s not try and get in the middle of that. Share your love of the night sky, and leave who or what created it to the theologians.