Join the Fun!

Hey, got a telescope? Got a local coffee shop? Let us know! Join the fun! Let’s put you on the calendar.

We don’t collect money, we don’t give money. This is 100% volunteer, and self supporting. Make your own banners, etc. A gracious corporate sponsor (me) will pay for the web site, it’s not a fortune.

We should put some resources here for download though. Art work for making banners, maybe some brochures about astronomy, etc. If you’re associated with an Astronomy Club (CFAS for me), then definitely give out brochures for that.

NO politics. Lobbying for more money for NASA, Science, exploration, etc. acceptable of course.

NO Religion if you can help it (alas the idea that the world is flat can easily turn into a religious argument). This is what we see, this is what we can measure… you make the best of that info for yourself. If you want a theological discussion, there are numerous events on Saturday and Sunday mornings around the country 😉