Meet the Astronomers

Lake Mary, FL

Richard S. Wright Jr.

Richard S. Wright Jr. – Who is not smart enough to say no, is based in Lake Mary, Florida. Richard is an active member of the Central Florida Astronomical Society and works as a vendor in the professional and amateur astronomical community at Software Bisque. A life long amateur astronomer, Richard is also a Sky & Telescope contributing author and blogger on the topic of astrophotography. His favorite visual target is the Moon, and there is always a cell phone adapter on hand at events for the aspiring astrophotographer to try their hand. Richard is on Instagram and Twitter as @AccidentalAstro.



West Chester, Pa

Michael McConville

Michael McConville – This was all his idea, then he moved away to PA. Michael works in the planetarium industry and actually started this whole business and left Richard holding the bag<g> when he moved away… now Michael is starting his own outreach efforts in West Chester.






Perry Georgia

Kevin Rasso

Kevin Rasso – passionate about sharing the beauty of the night sky, is based in Perry, GA.  Kevin retired from the Navy, and now works as an Electrical Reliability Engineer.  Self taught, Kevin is eternally grateful to his wife who bought his first telescope (Meade ETX-90) as a Christmas present in 2001.  He has been a hopelessly addicted amateur astronomer and astrophotographer ever since.  Having the pleasure of being part of the Low Country Stargazers out of Charleston, SC and Back Bay Amateur Astronomers in Norfolk, VA, he values the impact community outreach has made on himself and others.

Mayetta, Kansas

Brenda Culbertson

Brenda Culbertson – I was called to look up when I was pre-teen. Way back then I spread a blanket out in the grass at night so I could sleep in the cool night air during the summer. Stars talked to me then, and I’ve been carrying on the conversation all these years. Sharing the views of what’s out there, and telling stories from different cultures, those are what I enjoy doing for public outreach. I’ve done astronomical research, too, though. From eclipses to occultations, gathering information is just as enjoyable as seeing people’s eyes light up when they view through the telescope. I’m currently a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, and am very active in public outreach. Joining this Coffee and Cosmos band of astronomers is going to provide a fun association.
Glad to have you Brenda!

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